Why become a ReBadge provider?

ReBadge is a drop-in, non-manual badge duplication solution,
allowing you to reach an untapped market.


Badge duplication requires no manual labour. Put the badge on the machine, press copy.


Set your own pricing on an untapped market. Return on investment possible in two weeks


Each copy is automatically validated, and backed by ReBadge Support & Service


Most badges copy in under 5 minutes; even the slowest is under an hour.


Want to know more?

ReBadge is a drop-in solution for badge duplication, allowing you to provide your
existing customers with a new, profitable service. Until now, badge duplication was impossible;
ReBadge allows your business to reach an entirely untapped market.

  • How does it work?
  • ReBadge is similar to your existing setup:

    1. A customer arrives with a badge they wish to copy
    2. The badge is placed upon the machine - and its data is read
    3. You place a blank badge on the machine - and a copy is made
  • How much can I earn?
  • There is a recommended retail price of €39.9 inc. VAT per copy - but your business is free to set its own pricing. The duplication is an unattended process; the machine earns money by itself.

    1. As with your current systems, there is an initial investment in hardware.
    2. Each blank badge has a fixed cost of €6 ex. VAT
    3. For each copy made, there is a €8,99 fee, invoiced at the end of the month.
  • What is provided?
  • Each ReBadge system comes with:

    1. The ReBadge Machine: compact, fast, and touch-screen
    2. Power supply, internet cable, and optional WiFi adaptor.
    3. Intial batch of blank badges
  • Each purchase also comes with free promotional material to increase customer impact:
    1. A counter-top display unit for stocking badges, with anti-theft measures built in.
    2. Window stickers, rollups, posters, and marketing material to alert your customers of the new service
  • How do I get started?
  • Please contact our distributer:

    1. JMA France
    2. 128 Boulevard Richard Lenoir
    3. Paris, 75011,
    4. FRANCE
    5. (+33) 1 40 21 15 00

Rebadge Distribution

JMA France
128 Boulevard Richard Lenoir
Paris, 75011,
(+33) 01 40 21 15 00


Have a question about Rebadge? Feel free to reach out via email or phone.

Copy your electronic badges as easily as your other keys.

Have a question about Rebadge? Feel free to reach out via email or phone.

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